Kaltec International Co., Ltd. founded in 1987, the main business is the import and export of electronic components. As the world advocates Green Earth, for environmental considerations, we focus on the application of motor and power supply for energy conservation and carbon reduction, especially the motor frequency control and power supply efficiency improvement. Major markets include power control, home appliances, industrial controls, consumer electronics and test instruments, and so on. If you have any questions or special application design for the products we represent, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to serve you!

Sanken Electric Co., Ltd (Japan)
Power Components ‧ AC/DC, DC/DC
‧ Diodes, Transistors, MOS, MOS Array
Motor Driver IC ‧ 2-Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC
‧ 2-Phase Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver IC
‧ DC Motor Driver IC
‧ 3-phase Brushless DC Motor Driver IC
‧ High Voltage 3-Phase BLDC Motor Driver IC
Quantum Devices, Inc. (US)
Encoder ‧ Optical Encoders
PWB Encoders GmbH (Germany)
Encoder ‧ Optical Encoders
‧ Magnetic Encoders
POSIC (Switzerland)
Encoder ‧ Inductive Encoders
‧ Sensor ‧ GMR/TMR Sensor, Current Sensor
‧ Isolator ‧ GMR Isolator
OAV Air Bearings (US)
Air Bearing ‧ Roller, X-Roller (Outer Ring Spin), Air Bushing, Vacuum Preloaded Air Bearing, Thrust Air Bushing and Bearing, Flat Rectangular/Round Air Bearings
Components ‧ Balls, Face Collars, Mount Block, Shaft End Support, O-ring, Shafts, Mounting Screws, Retaining Plate
Linear Guide Assembly ‧ Dovetail-series, T-series, U-series, Box-series
HTC (Korea)
Voltage Regulator ‧ CMOS ULDO Voltage Regulator
‧ Step-Down Switching Voltage Regulator, Step-Up Switching Voltage Regulator
Operational Amplifiers ‧ Operational Amplifiers, Comparators
Transceivers ‧ RS232/RS422/RS485 Transceivers
Motien Technology Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
DC-DC Module ‧ DC-DC Converter
Long Shenq Electronic Co., Ltd (Taiwan)
Inverter ‧ Space Vector Inverter
‧ Brake Unit
‧ DC Bus Choke/AC Reactor
‧ Open Frame PCB
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